Why is the corporate sector so controlling?

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In our research projects we’re constantly aware that the independent gifted amateurs are using all kinds of tools – some of which are reviewed here to make themselves more efficient and extend their reach.

By contrast, the corporate sector gets ever more controlling – so that people who are locked inside their firewalls are falling behind in understanding how the rest of the world is working.

We have 2 classic examples that have cropped up in the last few weeks. My main research colleague now has to do all her internet related work from her own machines because anything the University controls is completely locked down. Even though she’s responsible for teaching Internet use at Masters level.

Secondly an old Business Link colleague of mine (IT / e-business adviser)  tells me that the organisation that has taken over the Franchise that he works for has policies that not only prevent him looking at the web sites of some of the people that he’s advising (because the name is deemed “inappropriate”)  but also prevent him from naming the site in an e-mail to his boss complaining about this piece of control freakery.

What is the matter with these people? Don’t they realise that if you prevent people doing their jobs it can hardly work to the organisation’s advantage?


An evolving feast…engaging with the readers of your blog

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Mark Cahill has written an interesting post claiming that some of the ‘sacred cows’ of building blog readership are becoming less relevant:

  1. The value of trackbacks has been destroyed by spammers
  2. Technorati has now been overtaken by Google Blog Search as the key source of linking information.

He suggests that this new world requires a new strategy: a focus on depth of reader engagement rather than counting the volume of passing eyeballs, and the encouragement of links, links and more links.

Here is a summary of Mark’s excellent action list:

Content – create compelling content and more open calls to discussion.

Linking – provide more links to people writing on the same issues.

Value – find ways to provide better value to the reader.

Understand the readership – think more about what the market really desires than simply writing for yourself.

To develop community, use community – spend more time reading and commenting on other blogs in your sphere of influence, using your url in your signature.

Increase post volume – increase the number of interesting tidbits on which you comment.  Not every post needs to be a definitive guide on a subject.

Social networking – don’t forget to direct blog posts into Facebook and Twitter, but without inundating your network with overly specialist material J

More community – get more involved in communities where you will be in front of people whom your blog is written for.  Social networking should lead to more face to face marketing opportunities, not less!

Dive deep into Google – use the free analytics tools to find out what is going on, and then make changes as required.

No doubt this list will look very different again a year from now, but that makes it all so much more fun! I’ve put the Technorati tags in anyway…


New term, new challenges

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Alan and I from the PAYW Team had a trip to Bournemouth University last night to introduce our material to the CIM Dorset branch, and the next ‘hands on’ Workshop will be held at the Hub, near Liverpool Street, London, on 10th October. You can find out more details and book your place here

Alan has also been busy upgrading and restructuring How To Do Business around our current projects, and we will both be presenting on the University of Southampton’s new Marketing DNA executive programme from January 15th – 17th. Our course is called Optimising Multi Channel Communications, and we will be covering the latest tools and techniques of online marketing – rather like Punch Above Your Weight on steroids J

We hope to see you there!

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